Actions at road accident of insurant

IF YOU involvement in road accidents should:

1.  activate the alarm and set warning triangle;

2.  maintain vehicles and damaged property and the location of the accident participants in the condition in which it was found after the accident before the arrival of traffic police representatives;

3.  take possible measures to provide first aid to victims;

4.  call the traffic police for mandatory registration of events, the protocol and circuit accident. (Sign documents only if full approval of their content with you!)

5.  the presence of the camera, it is desirable to photograph the scene, the relative positions of vehicles, damaged car accident participants;

6.  add details of witnesses and other participants of the accident, namely registration marks other vehicle, drivers full name, residential address, contact numbers; take all possible steps to establish and fix the details of third parties who may be found guilty of damaging the vehicle, the victim;

7.  take all possible measures to reduce the size of losses;

8.  injured third parties to provide the following information:
a) telephones and address of the insurance company in which you received motorist liability insurance policy;
b) notify victims that repairs can be conducted only after the insurance company representative view of the damaged vehicle (property).

9.  soon as possible to report a case of an insurance company (not later than 48 hours after the accident!) For this to turn round the clock emergency center insurance company;
Excess specified in p. 9 term is valid when the policyholder (the driver) did not have the physical possibility in time to send the message, particularly due to valid reasons, namely the trauma after an accident when the insured (the driver) is not able to move independently of stay his unconscious for a long time, as evidenced by a medical certificate.

10. If this is due to the emergency services of the company to wait with all parties to the accident arrival of the emergency commissioner who will help in accessing the appropriate support services to evacuate, storage and maintenance of the vehicle;

11. fill notification of the insured event;

12. The transfer his insurer or sent by registered mail all the written documents (letters, requirements, challenges) received from third parties in connection with the damage inflicted by this person as a result of an accident;

13. The insurer has no right to assume any obligations in respect of damages that occurred as a result of that event, without the written consent of the insurance company;

14. upon the occurrence of the insured loss (driver) must comply strictly with the instructions of the insurance company regarding paperwork, determine the amount of damage and its compensation.

15. insured in case of incomplete or inaccurate information about the case, the nature and extent of losses, the insurance company may refuse to pay compensation.

If you require emergency services INSURANCE COMPANY DATA message with the following:
— The number and duration of the contract;
— Vehicle registration plate;
— Your first and last name;
— Your contact phone number;
— The place and circumstances of road – accident;
— Information about the victim (name, address, brand and public car number, contact telephone number of the victim).

Keep in mind that you can lose the right to compensation if without good reason is slow with notification of the insured event