Actions owner of “Green Card”

If you have a “Green Card”

Ваша “Зелена картка” діє виключно у випадках ДТП і служить для того, щоб, відповідно до законодавства країни, на території якої Ви скоїли ДТП, відшкодовувати шкоду потерпілому іноземному громадянину.

“Зелена картка” – не страховий поліс, а документ, який підтверджує факт страхування цивільної відповідальності власника конкретного транспортного засобу.

Your “Green Card” is valid only in cases of accident and is used to ensure that, under the law of the country in which you have committed an accident, damage to compensate the injured foreign national.

“Green Card” – not an insurance policy and a document that confirms the liability insurance of the owner of a particular vehicle.


1. Never give no original “Green Card”. It is enough to give a second sheet “Green Card” (a copy) or a photocopy of the first page of “Green Card” or recorded in the police report (notification of an accident) the number and term of your “Green Card”.

2. Your explanations and evidence without a “Green Card” are only talking.

3. Be sure to write down the coordinates of the second participant accident, the number and duration of its insurance document. Be sure to ask for a copy of the notification or accident. Take away all documents and store them. Otherwise, it may happen that due to any formality does not release you from the country where the accident happened, to fully clarify the circumstances.

4. In case of misunderstanding official language of the country where the accident occurred, when drafting the protocol or police accident reports a number of his signature write: “Languages do not know” or “Languages do not understand.”

5. On the fact and circumstances of the accident in writing inform Ukrainian insurance company that issued you a “green card.”
“Green Card”, expired, not valid. In this case, the border guards have the right not to let the vehicle, or release him from the country.

Warned! Do not buy a “Green Card” in random people, especially if you offer to buy them much cheaper. Fake (including corrections) “Green Card” is a crime. Beware of fakes, and nothing in the policy will not fix themselves.