What if the stolen car?

IF NECESSARY carjacking:

Immediately report the abduction to the clock emergency center insurance company.

Notify the emergency center of the most complete and detailed information on the insurance case.

Do not forget to indicate the number of the insurance contract, state registration number of the insured vehicle, the name of the insured and the person who ran the car, the circumstances of the case, the place, time, number and list of participants of the accident, of a call for cases of police employee and more.

For the most rapid settlement of material damage must bring the following documents:
— The original insurance contract,
— Written application for payment of insurance indemnity
— Passport,
— Certificate of identification number,
— driving license,
— A document confirming the ownership of the property and the specified vehicle.

Late notice of the fact of the accident or car theft entitles insurer to refuse to pay insurance compensation