April 8, 2015 meeting of the “Investment Committee”, organized by the magazine Insurance TOP supported by National regulator and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs)

On holding 8 April 2015 meeting of the “Investment Committee”, organized by the magazine Insurance TOP supported by National regulator and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs)

Time: 10.00-13.00.

Address meeting: st. Voloska 8/5 (main lecture kmbs).

Format “Investment Committee” will include presentations and question and answer section.

Program meeting

1. Status, Problems and Prospects of improving the structure of insurance reserves.

Alexander Zaletov (Member National regulator)

National regulator proposes to discuss draft amendments to the structure replacement on life insurance and insurance other than life insurance given the situation prevailing in the economy.

2. Makrosituation in Ukraine. Forecast macrofactors. Forecast of grivna rate. Analysis of the banking system of Ukraine. Perspectives and prospects. What to look for when choosing a bank for the assets.

Valchyshen Alexander, Michael Demkiv (Investment Capital Ukraine)

ICU Financial Group since its foundation gives meticulous attention to macro-economic processes in Ukraine and its prospects for the short term (makroprospects horizon is three years). Group publishes Macroeconomic forecasts in the form of reports, which are publicly available http://www.icu.ua/ru/research/macroeconomics.

3. New financial instruments on the stock market – shares with dual listing, currency futures, gold.

Oleg Tkachenko (Ukrainian Exchange)

At the beginning of 2015 Ukrainian investors have access to new instruments: futures contracts for dollar-hryvnia, the euro-dollar and the price of gold. In addition, the stock market “The Ukrainian market” has begun circulation of securities of the leading Ukrainian companies were first IPO on foreign exchanges. These instruments offer new opportunities for investment and currency risk insurance for insurance companies. The speaker will talk about how to use these tools in your business.

4. Analysis of fixed income instruments available on the market, current profitability and opportunities and forecasts.

Konstantin Stetsenko (Investment Capital Ukraine)

The group includes ICU securities trader that 6 years is the largest and most dynamic traders in Ukraine government and corporate bonds. The presentation will be revealed the essence of the main tools in the market fixed income, and the mechanism of their advantages, the prospects for the bond market.

5. Promising strategy for managing insurance reserves.

Taras Yeleyko (AMC OTP Capital)

At the current high volatility investment market is very important part of insurance companies is the management of assets and reserves. In the framework of the investment strategy, along with maximization of return should clearly regulate the portfolio risks associated with both the ability to market changes in the value and liquidity of assets and insolvency of banks and issuers. As part of the report presents options strategies for optimal management of reserves in existing markets and risk management systems.

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