December 22 at 10:00 the Institute of Insurance and Risk Management (Lithuania, Vilnius) invites you to a free webinar “Strategic Planning”

“Institute of Insurance and Risk Management” (Lithuania, Vilnius) December 22 for conducting a free webinar Ukrainian specialists “Strategic planning. European experience“. Lecturer at the webinar will deliver one of the most qualified experts in the field of insurance in Lithuania, a Swiss citizen Thomas Tautkus, CISA.

The lecturer is an expert international risk management and strategic planning, certified auditor, a longtime teacher of the “Institute of Insurance and Risk Management.”

The purpose of the comprehensive program of the “Institute of Insurance and Risk Management” – ensure efficient acquisition of knowledge in the field of strategic planning and practical skills in the daily activities of business leaders, directors of departments and divisions.

PROGRAM Webinars

  • How to create a business strategy that it did not work (or why entrepreneurs rarely create an effective strategy)?
  • Cash as a major constraint (or how much we can afford to spend on the creation of the strategy);
  • The marketing plan of the insurance company (or how to understand how we can make as to position itself in the market and how much we can spend);
  • Strategic decisions;
  • How to create a strategic document and ensure that it is effectively implemented.

Registration for the webinar: