Presidium of the League

The Presidium of the League – the governing body authorized by the Congress to exercise overall management of the daily operations of the League. The powers of the Presidium of the League by the Statute and, in particular, include: — The activity on behalf of the League; — Proposals for consideration by the Congress, the Council of the League; — Address all issues within the competence of the League, except those within the competence of the Congress, the Council, the Audit Committee; — Approve the organizational documents of the League, rules and standards of conduct for members of the League; — Decision on the inclusion of the members of the League, exit and exclusion of members from the League to suspend the membership in the League; — Commute and exclusion of members of the Presidium and the Audit Committee; — Approval application form to join the League; — Appointment of Deputy Chairman of the Board by the Chairman of the Board; — The decision to participate League or termination of its participation in associations, unions and other organizations; — Enforcement of the League and controls the performance of their duties; — Decision on the establishment of committees, commissions and working groups of the League and the election of their chairmen; identifying areas of activity; Approval of the League Committee; — The appointment of Vice President, CFO and Executive Secretary of the Presidium of the President of the League; — The approval and monitoring of cost estimates League; — Approval of the symbols of the League; — Formation and review the agenda and questions to be submitted to Congress; — Determining the amount of one-time introductory and periodic membership fees; — Decision on the establishment of the Arbitration Court of the League; — Approving documents that regulate the activity of the Arbitration Court of the League. Presidium performs other functions as defined by the Charter and the Congress. The Presidium may: — Receive all necessary information on the activities of the President, Board of Directors and committees, League’s commissions; — Decide on the appeal of the League to court to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the League; — Develop, approve and submit to the Congress proposals for amendments to the Statute or presentation of the Statute in the new edition; — Appoint the audit of the League with its conclusions following consideration and adoption, if necessary, appropriate measures against them; — To consider the findings of the Audit Committee. Members of the Presidium elected by Congress for a period of 4 (four) years. The Presidium includes: 1) President of the League for the post, which presides over its meetings; Vice-President of the League; Head of the Council; Deputy Chairman of the Board 2) Not more than 25 (twenty five) members of the League League’s Presidium operates in the form of meetings.

Members of the Presidium of LIOU:
President of LIOU
Vice President of LIOU
PJSC “IC” Busin”
PJSC “Ingosstrakh”
ALC “IC” Neftegazstrakh”
PSC “IC” Oranta-Sich”
PJSC “IC” Prosto Strahovanie”