International activity

By maintaining close contacts with representative of the world insurance society, LIOU forms and promotes a positive image of the national insurance market internationally. LIOU takes part in international conferences and forums on the issue of insurance.

There are agreements on cooperation with insurance unions of Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, other countries.
LIOU is a constant memeber of projects on development of insurance and financial services markets, financed by the World Bank, European Commission and other international organizations.

The result of LIOU active international activity is  establishment of systematic exchange of experience and information with 60 foreign organizations insurers. LIOU is the organizer of the International Yalta Forum of Insurance Market, which entered the history of insurance as the brightest and most significant event. The forum was first held in 2001. During this time the Forum has deserved respect and recognition around the world.

Over the years the International Yalta Forum clearly formed its main mission, which is to deepen the integration processes in the global insurance market, consolidation of efforts of all participants in the global insurance company, studying the trends of national insurance markets, shaping the model of business excellence insurance business.

A good tradition of meeting colleagues of world insurance community in Yalta autumn continues.

In order to explore a deeper experience of insurance activities in Europe and further coordination and active support of ongoing contacts with international insurance companies in 2005, LIOU started a tradition of winter business meetings – International Carpathian Insurance Conference, which was first held in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region.), Ukraine.

In 2005, the defining event of the insurance market of Ukraine was filing the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine to join the CEA (the European Committee of Insurers) – the most powerful structure in the European insurance market, with a membership of 32 European countries.

At the initiative of LIOU first time at the International Conference of reinsurers in Baden-Baden presented achievements of Ukraine in general and the Ukrainian insurance market in recent years.

International Conference on reinsurance held in Baden-Baden (Germany) for over 100 years. For the first time in the history of one of the most famous in the world conferences, which in its format event is quite conservative, was elected such non-traditional form of participation as the presentation of the insurance market of Ukraine. The event, organized by LIOU, caused an unprecedented outcry among the elite of world insurance: Ukrainian presentation was attended by over 200 representatives of the leading companies in the world, potential investors, including insurance and reinsurance such giants as Allianz, Gen Re, AXA Re, AON Re, Ace Group, Ceska Pojistovna, Hannover Re, Munich Re, etc.

June 10, 2005 in Paris (France) CEA General Assembly decided to grant the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine membership in the European Committee of Insurers.

From the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President Alexander Filonyuk, from CEA – President Gerard de la Martinyer.

It is important that the insurance market of Ukraine took the first step into Europe before the agreements were reached on Ukraine’s membership in the EU.

“This once again confirms that there are no limits for insurance,” – said President LIOU Alexander Filonyuk during the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

Membership in the Committee of European insurers will allow LIOU to prepresent the national  insurance industry in foreign markets and in international organizations, to protect the economic interests of Ukrainian insurance market, engage in insurance matters at the European level, to investigate international trends in the development of the insurance industry.

This step towards the integration of Ukraine and Europe serve as a fruitful cooperation both Ukrainian and European insurance, reinsurance and brokerage organizations and cooperation between the insurance supervision. From now LIOU has access to the information base of the European Committee of Insurers, which formed over half a century of experience.

In 2004, the Committee of European Insurers (CEA) celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the creation. CEA is the most influential association in Europe, which includes 31 national insurance alliance from European countries and the 5200 insurance companies with total annual premiums 863 billion. euro.

April 20, 2005 at the meeting of delegations of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine and the Polish Chamber of Insurance (Polska Izba Ubezpieczen) signed an Agreement on Cooperation.
Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation was President of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine Alexander Filonyuk. The Polish delegation was headed by Krzysztof Yarmuschak. During the joint meeting, the parties presented the development of insurance markets in Poland and Ukraine and noted many similarities. The meeting was also attended by the President of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine Volodymyr Romanyshyn and his colleague from the Polish Office of Motor Mr. Mariusz Vihtovsky. The agreement provides for the permanent exchange of information on market development and its legislative support. The parties also agreed to hold joint seminars and conferences, meetings of working groups. The first step in the implementation of this Agreement will be conducting during the V International Yalta Forum of Insurance Market section “Development of national insurance markets: Poland’s experience.”

Під час візиту делегації Ліги страхових організацій України до Австрії відбулося підписання Угоди про співробітництво з Австрійською страховою асоціацією (Verband der Versicherungsunternehmen Österreichs).

During the visit, the presentation of the insurance markets of Ukraine and Austria was held, meeting with (representatives of Grazer Wechselseitige, UNIQA, Wiener Städtische, Generali).
Alexander Filonyuk presented the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, its role in the insurance market of Ukraine and achievements of recent years and invited the company to cooperate with the Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian delegation also visited the head office GRAWE (Grazer Wechselseitige) in. Graz, where agreements were reached to expand cooperation and increase investment in Ukraine’s economy.

The next step of cooperation of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine and Austrian Insurance Association is scheduled to meet during the V International Yalta Forum participants in the insurance market.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine and the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

The main objectives and principles of the agreement are:
1. Help develop economic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Ukraine.
2. Promotion of the insurance and reinsurance activities, taking in account the economic interests of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
3. Promotion of export insurance and reinsurance services in the territory.
4. Promote the organization of conferences, seminars and other events.
5. Conduct information sharing on the main directions of development of international insurance and reinsurance activity and on the expansion of insurance services.

From the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine agreement was signed by the President LIOU Alexander Filonyuk, the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan was presented by – Chairman of the AFC S.