Information for media

League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (LIOU) – the most influential association of insurance market of Ukraine, which was established in 1992 to protect the interests of its members and other participants in the insurance market.

Over the years, the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine has made considerable progress and has authority and respect among insurance companies, government, the media and partner organizations LIOU.

League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine is open for cooperation with the media.


Irina Denisova,
Director of Information Policy LIOU

tel .: +38 (044) 516-82-30
tel .: +38 (044) 516-74-61


The main tasks of the Department are:

— The formation and implementation of information policy of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine;
— Creation of stable informational field around of the insurance market;
— The implementation of integrated information support of the League;
— Promoting a positive image of the national insurance market and the League in Ukraine and abroad;
— Development of cooperation in the development of public relations and establishment of communication links on an ongoing basis with the government, scientific and educational institutions, public organizations, the insurance market, the media, etc;
— Activities to raise public awareness of insurance;
— Study and generalization of domestic and international experience in promoting security and make recommendations on how to use this experience in this area;
— Monitoring and analysis of public opinion and the information published on websites and in the media information regarding the insurance market;
— Providing content online resource of the League;
— The organization and holding of conferences, meetings and other events attended by the President and the Director-General of the League and other insurance market participants on matters within the competence of the Department;
— Making information on important issues for the insurance market;
— Prevention and resolution of possible crisis situations in the information space of the insurance market.