The amount of insurance proceeds IG “TAS” after eleven months exceeded 557 million. UAH.

In January – November 2015 Insurance Group “TAS” has collected 557.12 million. UAH. insurance payments that 42.84% higher than the corresponding figures for the same period last year. Thus, policies “Green Card” was collected 208.05 million. UAH., Representing 37.3% of total revenues. It should be added that this year’s figure by 76.6% higher than the volume of payments for the “green card” collected for eleven months of 2014. In turn, the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners in January – November was collected 155.02 million. UAH. (27.8%), insurance contracts – 70,940,000. UAH. (12.8%).

However, the volume of insurance payments made IG “TAS” during this period reached a point 193.16 million. UAH., Which is 20.12% more than what was recovered in January – November of last year. The largest share of payments (31.3%) accounted for policies “Green Card”, which were reimbursed a total 60.4 million. UAH. Note that this is for 83.7% higher than payments under the “Green Card” made in the same period last year. A somewhat smaller amount was paid in January – November 2015 for policies “MTPL” – 54,570,000. USD. (28.2%). According insurance contracts ground transportation IG “TAS” paid 42.68 million. UAH. (22.1%).

Actually November Insurance Group “TAS” collected 46.23 million. UAH., Which is 36.55% more than the volume of payments for the eleventh month of the previous year. Thus, policies “Green card” collected 18.15 million. UAH. insurance premiums (39.3%) and MTPL policies – 14,210,000. UAH. (30.7%), insurance contracts – 5,920,000. UAH. (12.8%).

During the last month of autumn IG “TAS” was made insurance payments totaling 20.74 million. UAH., Which is 59.88% more than the company was reimbursed in November last year. The largest share of payments – 35.1% – accounted for policies “Green Card”, which had recovered 7.27 million. UAH. In turn, for policies “MTPL” in November IG “TAS” has paid 5.98 million. UAH. (28.8%), insurance contracts – 3,930,000. USD. (18.9%).