The volume of payments IG “TAS” for 2015 exceeded 607 million. UAH.

Insurance group “TAS” has summed up results of its activity in the past year. Thus, according to released data, the amount of insurance proceeds for 2015 reached 607.39 million. UAH., which is 42.54% more than was collected for 2014. Most payments were collected on its policies “Green Card” – 222,94 million. UAH. (36.7% of total payments). It should be noted that it is for 73.3% more than it collected on its policies “Green Card” in 2014.

In second place in the portfolio – compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners: for policies “MTPL” in 2015 IG “TAS” collected 171.74 million. UAH. (28.3% of total payments), which is 22.6% higher than for the year before last.

In turn, the insurance contracts of public vehicles Insurance Group “TAS” in 2015 were collected 78,77 million UAH. (13% of total payments) – 14.8% more than in 2014.

However, on a voluntary health insurance IG “TAS” last year collected 44.32 million. UAH. (7.3%) – is by 19.4% more than was collected under contracts VMI year before. The amount of insurance proceeds for property insurance agreements reached 32.97 million. UAH. (5.4%), which is 66.7% higher than for 2014.

During 2015 IG “TAS” made insurance payments totaling 212.43 million. UAH., Which is 20.28% higher than the amount of insurance claims for 2014. The largest share of payments to account for policies “Green Card” – 31.1% (66.07 million. UAH.), Which is 79.9% higher than for 2014. Slightly less was paid for MTPL policies – 59,31 million UAH. (27.9%). However, insurance contracts during 2015 was refunded to customers 47,75 million UAH. (22.5%). In turn, the amount of payments under contracts of voluntary medical insurance in 2015 reached 28,82 million UAH (13.6%).