ASKO-Medservice insurance company (Kyiv) in 2015 posted a net profit of UAH 2.201 million against a loss of UAH 11.6 million in 2014, according to the agenda of a general shareholders’ meeting scheduled for April 21.

The company’s assets last year grew by 5.9%, to UAH 62.31 million.

The insurer increased net worth by 34.9%, to UAH 37.805 million. Its charter capital rose by 66.7% and amounted to UAH 25.2 million.

Long-term financial investments decreased by 8.5%, to UAH 20.87 million.

Total debtor indebtedness decreased by 29.6%, to UAH 3.585 million. Cash and cash equivalents amounted to UAH 12.445 million. Long-term liabilities decreased by 20.7%, to UAH 22.447 million, current liabilities by 17.2%, to UAH 2.058 million.

The number of employees reduced by three, to 32 people.

ASKO-Medservice was founded on October 14, 1993. Its core business is transport and property insurance, insurance of civil liability of automobile owners, and others compulsory types of insurance.