Ukrainian Security Insurance Company (UOSK, Kyiv) in 2015 posted a net profit of UAH 137,000, which is 72.3% less than in 2014, according to the materials to the agenda of a general meeting of the insurer’s shareholders scheduled for April 22.

The company last year also reduced its assets by 15.7%, to UAH 100.742 million.

In addition, its net worth fell by 1.3%, to UAH 40.306 million.

Charter capital, as before, amounted to UAH 13 million.

Long-term financial investment remained at the level of the previous year at UAH 5.476 million.

Its total debtor indebtedness also remained unchanged at UAH 47.472 million. Cash and cash equivalents amounted to UAH 14.896 million. Current liabilities increased by 6.6%, to UAH 44.043 million.

The company said the number of its employees for the year decreased by 15 persons, to 57.

UOSK was registered in 1996, it specializes in risk insurance.

According to the National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market, the shareholders of the company are the Department of the State Security Service under the Interior Ministry of Ukraine with 40% of the shares, the Office of the State Security Service at the Main Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kyiv with 20% of the shares.