President of LIOU took part in an expanded meeting of the Anti-Crisis Council of Public Organizations of Ukraine and the Board of Ukrainian union of industrials and entrepreneurs (UUIE)

On November 09, 2018, a joint enlarged meeting of the Anti-Crisis Council of Public Organizations of Ukraine and the Board of UUIE took place. During the meeting, the participants formulated the requirements and proposals in defending the priorities of the development of the domestic economy, as well as updating the content of the “Platform of Economic Patriotism” adopted by the Anti-crisis Council of public organizations last year.

The industrial community has considered the draft comprehensive industrial strategy for the development of the country, an analysis of the current state and prospects of the country’s energy security, the problems of the development of maritime, annual ports and the shipbuilding industry, offers from business organizations, industrialists and entrepreneurs, covering almost all areas of the economy, all areas of economic activity . The participants of the meeting stressed: Ukraine needs to develop and implement the National strategy for industrial development.

The need for a thorough consideration of the pressing problems of industrialists and entrepreneurs is associated with low efficiency in implementing modern industrial policy, overcoming the trends of deindustrialization, falling labor quality, removing regulatory barriers, protecting business from pressure from law enforcement agencies, radically improving the business climate, and so on. These factors can be greatly enhanced by the consequence of the next election campaign in 2019, which should not be transformed into new trials of economic stability in the country.

It is anticipated that the results of the discussions during the joint meeting of the Anti-crisis Council of public organizations and the Board of UUIE on the most pressing problems of the real sector of the national economy will be the basis of the joint agenda in the field of economic transformation and development of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Business.

Participants include heads of public organizations, business, academic institutions, experts, media representatives. The League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine presented the President of the organization Oleksandr Filonyuk.

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