LIOU took part in the presentation of the ICU’s analytical review

On November 22, 2018, ICU’s analytical department conducted a quarterly presentation of an analytical report on macroeconomics, the banking sector and the domestic debt market of Ukraine.

ICU speakers assessed the current macroeconomic situation and prospects for 2019; commented on the issue of public debt and financing of the budget and expectations for 2019; and also presented a review of the banking sector: a forecast of rates, liquidity and lending dynamics. According to ICU analysts, by the end of the year, borrowing will be restrained, in small volumes and with the preservation of rates, but the political component will be decisive.

At the end of the event a question and answer session was held.

The League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine at the event was introduced by the President of LIOU Oleksandr Filonyuk and the Vice-President of LIOU Sergey Tarasov.

Recall that within the framework of the project “Open Insurance”, the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine conducts research and forecasting of the insurance market taking into account macroeconomic indicators and forecasts of national financial institutions and international financial institutions.