President of LIOU took part in an expanded meeting of the Anti-crisis Council of Public Organizations of Ukraine

On March 1, 2019, a joint enlarged meeting of the Anti-Crisis Council of Public Organizations of Ukraine and the Board of the UUIE (Ukrainian union of industrials and entrepreneurs) was held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.

Among the key issues of the event are the challenges and opportunities for accelerating the country’s socio-economic development in the run-up to 2019; requirements and business proposals to the authorities in defending the priorities of the development of the domestic economy: improving the business climate, overcoming the trends of deindustrialization, stopping the loss of labor potential, etc .; The “Platform of Economic Patriotism” was updated as the basis for the agenda of joint actions of business and authorities for the current year.

A common position was formed between public associations of entrepreneurs, employers, representatives of the expert community and business on solving urgent problems in the real sector of the economy in 2019.

The meeting was held with the participation of business associations, employers, representatives of state authorities. The League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine at the event was introduced by a member of the Board of the UUIE, President of LIOU Oleksandr Filonyuk.

As already reported, the Anti-Crisis Council of public organizations consistently advocated the need to ensure effective public management of the revival of the industrial sector of the economy.