Financial Monitoring

In Ukraine, it became easier to track terrorists

At the site of “Expert-FM” was the search service  in the list of terrorists on the page

Search is on the list of terrorists, published on the website of State Financial Monitoring, and includes:

· Search the full name or part of it.

· Search for reference number.

· Convenient and visual form of presentation.

· Translation into Russian more information about the terrorist.

To help the staff responsible for financial monitoring service organized to inform about the changes on the list of terrorists:

“To receive e-mail notification of changes to the list of persons related to terrorist activity, enough to fill the subscription form on page…”

International standards on combating money laundering and terrorist financing and proliferation FATF
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Clarifications on some issues of financial monitoring

List of persons related to terrorist activity or for which international sanctions are applied, approved by State commission on financial services markets regulation of Ukraine
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State commission on financial services markets regulation of Ukraine, official explanation regarding the peculiarities of insurance institutions customer identification

Attention insurers!

League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine draws your attention to the fact that the official website of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring hosted column “Questions and answers”.

In particular, issue “Non-bank financial institutions” contains explanations clarify the financial monitoring insurance companies.

This information will allow to avoid many questions in the implementation of financial monitoring.

References to the said section:

Regulations concerning the Financial Monitoring:

1. State Financial Monitoring –

2. State commission on financial services markets regulation of Ukraine